HoppAR on iPhone

Launch Rockets

Prototypes and real spacecrafts

Explore different vehicles and see them hopping right in front of you

Choose your scale

Indoor and outdoor mode

Select between Table Top for indoor launches and Real Scale mode when you are enjoying a walk in the park

Color Filters

Greatest color grading

Mimic the colors of your favorite planet like you were on Mars, the Moon or Titan

ARKit Performance

Available on all iOS 11 device

Best tracking quality and stability with Apple’s ARKit tracking on all iOS 11 device

Download on the App Store

Capture and Share

Be Social

Record your screen or capture a photo and share your launch with #HoppAR hashtag

Best Visual Quality

High Immersive effect

Smoke, Lens Flares, Ambient light estimation an much more for the best Augmented Reality result


Change the launch conditions

Rain, Thunderstorms, Fog, Hail and Snow to cite a few of them

ARCore Stability

For enabled device only

Available on a selected number of Android devices: check supported devices here

Get it on Google Play

I am not aiming at selling a product here, but just launching a stone into the pool and see what happens…and possibly ignite the passion for Space which is in you! It is rather a gift to all fans of space exploration such as myself as well as a tribute to the recent innovation in this field.

Josef GrunigFreelance Developer
Josef Grunig

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